You have considered every element. Your home is a modern masterpiece. Except for those traditional interior doors. Could frameless doors be the right solution for your home?

Xinnix, an innovative company based in Belgium and curated through Lorenzo Finestre, creates elegant interior door systems that capture contemporary style and minimalist design philosophies.

Interior doors by Xinnix are quite different from traditional doors, as you can see from the image above. The door leaf is perfectly flush with the wall: as this manufacturer says, they “melt” into each other. When you opt to paint or finish the door the same color as your wall, you achieve a barely-there look.

In many home environments, a traditional door helps finish the look; it adds depth and, depending on the frame, a lot of character. If you want a clean, streamlined, contemporary aesthetic, however, frames can be too bulky or noticeable for your tastes. This is where Xinnix comes in.

These interior door systems are designed to facilitate a sleek, smooth visual. With no protruding casings, and hidden hinges, they are the height of discretion. You can create a “hidden” door effect or simply allow the lines of your architecture to continue unimpeded and uninterrupted.

Xinnix interior doors feature high-quality aluminum frames that are pre-milled and assembled for easy installation into virtually any wall. Again, the hinges are hidden, so even this relatively small detail does not detract from your design vision. The frameless door systems also come with magnetic mortise lock and a variety of lever sets from which to choose.

You can also opt for sliding doors. Equally discreet, these panels slide effortlessly into the wall for unobtrusive operation.

Contemporary design comes to life when every component is carefully considered and adds to the effect you want to create. Xinnix frameless doors allow other elements to shine, but with their streamlined appeal, you’ll find that they will quickly become one of your favorite features!