You need security and safety. You want an entry door that suits your style, that welcomes guests to your home. At Lorenzo Finestre, we offer many solutions that can meet your needs and wants, such as Oikos’ entry doors, which are designed to facilitate home security, comfort, and style.

Located 45 minutes outside of Venice, Italy, Oikos is a world-renowned security door company. Their products are certified anti-burglar, acoustic and thermal insulated, and offer stellar protection from wind, air, and water. Their goal is to “provide architects and interior designers with a wide range of esthetical and technical solutions.” This means that homeowners can enjoy the highest quality solutions on the market.

Oikos is home. It’s a term that encompasses the family, the family’s property, and the house. It’s also the name of one of the premier manufacturers of safety doors in the world. Let’s take a look at some of Oikos’ exceptional products:


A top performer in the world of safety doors, Synua features a pivoting opening: there are two adjustable and concealed pins placed at the ends. The door leaf turns on itself, which allows a wider opening. Synua is ideal for larger openings, up to 86” in width and 118” in height. You can also request even larger dimensions to suit your home’s needs.

Synua is designed with elegance and refinement in mind: it features an aluminum finish in brushed steel that covers the frame and door profile, and screws are not visible. You can also choose different skins to achieve the aesthetic you want.

Synua is all about clean lines. The pivoting mechanism allows “perfect coplanarity.” Every component is integrated into the door leaf, and this is flush with the wall.

Aesthetically pleasing, this Oikos product also offers exceptional security features. One of these is the Defender, a cylinder-style external protection barrel that is equipped with a manganese rotating rim. Both the Defender and the finish mask are constructed of stainless steel for optimal performance and durability.

Armored glass is available for the side panel: this is bullet- and sledgehammer proof and features safety glass double glazing.


Glass entry doors are undoubtedly stunning, but are they safe? They are when you choose Oikos’ Nova. Opt for bulletproof and sledgehammer proof glass, and you can create a fortress — a beautiful, elegant fortress.

Nova is available in 12 different colors and various finishes and materials that allow you to bring the outdoors in. Every detail is meticulously designed and executed to allow for a completely streamlined look: from the handle, which can contrast or complement the frame, to the coplanar installation, each element works together to create a sleek, smooth look.

Performance is the top priority, and Oikos never spares any effort to ensure your entry door is as safe, efficient, and durable as possible. Nova features a pivoting opening mechanism, wide opening range for even more light, and remarkable customization in terms of size.


The Tekno line of safety doors from Oikos offers homeowners exceptional security and protection for both exterior and interior applications. It features EI 90 or EI 120 fire resistance (fire rated up to 120 minutes), acoustic insulation, high levels of thermal insulation, certified break-in protection, and Oikos’s distinctive coplanar, flush installation and concealed hinges.

Tekno is available in several different coverings and a variety of beautiful finishes so you can customize your interior or exterior doors and meet the goals of your home project.

While certainly a looker, Tekno is a premier choice for interior applications such as safe rooms and panic rooms. It features a Security Cell (a closed section of the frame acts as a cell for the safety bolts and hinge bolts. It is impervious to force), PVD-treated Defender, and self-locking switchlock.