You have a beautiful view from your home, but something is missing. You want to see that beautiful view from every vantage point in your home, but traditional doors and windows just don’t cut it. You visit the experts at Lorenzo Finestre, but can they really help you achieve your vision, highlighting that view in an elegant way that suits your style?

Sometimes, you have to see to believe. So, feast your eyes on this energy efficient, view capturing beauty from MHB:

MHB, the fourth oldest family business in the Netherlands, is an innovative international company that develops and manufactures steel profiles for windows, doors, and facades. They also create smart closing and locking systems. Their comprehensive steel and glass solutions are sought out all over the globe. And it’s easy to see why this is a popular choice at Franklin Window & Door.

The mission of MHB can be captured with two words: “More light.” With their ultra-thin steel profiles — the thinnest in the world — they can create masterpieces that virtually erase the line between indoors and outdoors, as we can see in the image above. Characteristic of the company is their laser thin sightlines, crisp edges, and gorgeous finishes.

Beautiful Energy Efficiency

While beauty and aesthetics are a critical consideration, MHB’s solutions also offer exceptional energy efficiency, thermal insulation, wind- and water-tightness, and even smoke resistance. With MHB, U-values will be very low as well. U-value is a measure of the heat transfer; the lower the U-value, the better it keeps heat in your home. When you’re facing a Midwest winter, this is a critical consideration!

Lower energy costs for customers is a high priority with the Netherlands-based business — and a benefit you will enjoy upon installation and for years to come.

MHB also uses 100% recycled steel. Sustainability is built into each of their products and into your home.

Broken? It’s a Good Thing!

When you look into MHB solutions, you’ll see the phrase “thermally broken.” “Broken” isn’t typically the word you want to hear when it comes to glass and steel, but in this context, it means that the aluminum frame has a barrier between the inside and outside window or door frames that prevents conductive thermal energy loss.

MHB offers the market’s thinnest thermally broken profiles. By leveraging the inherent durability and strength of steel, they can offer systems featuring large expanses of glass with thin steel lines. This maximizes natural light and performance. MHB promises, you’ll never sacrifice “form for function again.”

Design Freedom

MHB’s super slim steel profiles can fit virtually any design style, and you won’t have to compromise on strength, durability, or performance. You can go ultra-modern or traditional/classic with equal ease — and equally stellar results.